Mt Tomah Botanic Garden Education Centre

In association: Stage 1 Visitors Centre designed by Bruce Eeles and Byron Harford for Public Works Department.
Location: Mt Tomah, Bells Line of Road Completed: 1984 - 2010
Building type: public building

Eeles Trelease has been involved in this project since the design of the Visitor Centre in 1984. The building has subsequently been expanded five times - most recently to include the Mt Tomah Botanic Garden Education Centre and the World Heritage Exhibition Centre. The World Heritage Exhibition Centre brings together the exotic gardens of the Mt Tomah Botanic Garden and the World Heritage park that surrounds it. Each progressive design expands the original building footprint.  Sustainable features such as geothermal heating, rainwater collection, and stormwater harvesting (for use in fire services and irrigation) are incorporated into the design.

Photographer: Rowan Turner, John Lugg

Exhibition Designer: Mothers Art Productions

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